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Wednesday, May 24, 2000


All Photographs and text and sound copyright ©2000 Dennis Mathias

The Children...


Harlan, Everett, & Donald MathiasHarlan Mathias
The three boys and the pride of their Mother Lula.  Everett is on the left, Harlan is the baby and Donald is the tall guy.

was Fred & Lula's first born child in 1912. She died of tetanus in 1915 after (according to her parents) Velma stepped on a rusty nail .  Donald was born about a month later. Everett was born in 1919 and Harlan in 1922.  Two more children,

Velma Mathias
This is Velma taken about a year before she died.

a boy Kenneth born in 1929 and a girl Helen born in 1926 followed.
Donald spent a lot of time with his grandfather Frederick George Mathias.  It's also reported that he would rather skip school than attend and this occasionally caused him some problems with his parents.  Donald farmed all of his life and never married.
     Tragedy struck when Everett died when a rain soaked shed collapsed on him when he was twelve.
     Harlan   grew up just prior to WW2 eventually joining the 13th Army Air Corps and serving in the Phillipines.  He married Betty Van Borkum and had five children.  Harlan died in 1994.