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Fred & Lula Mathias 
 Family Portrait


Wednesday, May 24, 2000


All Photographs and text and sound copyright ©2000 Dennis Mathias

Fred Mathias Family PortraitHelen MathiasHarlan MathiasDonald MathiasFred MathiasKenneth MathiasLula (Thomas) Mathias

Here is the  Fred & Lula Mathias family in the only family portrait ever taken.  From the top left, Helen, Harlan, Donald.
From the bottom left, Fred, Kenneth, and Lula.
This picture was taken during WW2. Harlan was in the 13th Army Air Corps and served time in the Phillipines.  Missing is Everett who died when a rain soaked shed fell on him when he was twelve and Velma who died of tetanus at an early age.  It's interesting to note that this family is 100% Welsh.

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