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Betty van Borkum


Wednesday, May 24, 2000


All Photographs and text and sound copyright ©2000 Dennis Mathias

Betty Age 16 - 1942

Betty van Borkum was born in 1925 and married Harlan Mathias in 1945 as WW2 closed.  In order to accomplish this it was necessary for Betty to travel from her home town of Beatrice, Nebraska in Gage County to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Married in a Mormon ceremony although neither of them were Mormon they both lived in Kearnes, Utah until Harlan was reassigned overseas.  Betty was pregnant with her first of five children and returned to Beatrice to wait for him.

Betty Mathias died in 1997

Betty was the youngest in her family of four boys and two girls.  The oldest was Arnold followed by Albert, Ray, Helen, Harold and finally Betty.  She was the daughter of John van Borkum and Frances Witulski.

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