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Sunday, July 19, 2015



Spring 2014!

St. David's Day is coming March 22nd!

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You'd be surprised what Welsh news there is in a local newspaper. Click here for a synopsis

A General History of Wales
Okay, say what you will about the stuffy UK--but this is a very pretty web site. Thereīs more there than just Wales, too but there are so many good things about this particular area I couldnīt resist.

The Government of Wales Act
This is what the act means as interpreted by CNN

Facts That Will Amaze About Wales
Okay, now Iīve heard it all. America was named after a Welshman and Amerigo was just hype.  And Welshmen were here in America in the 1100īs. Whew!  And Pennsylvania was NOT named for William Penn.  Talk about tidbits for tacos and martinis.  You gotta check this one out. Kids, tell your history teacher s/heīs way off. If s/he scoffs, say itīs your history and youīll turn them into the PC cops

The Vote for Welsh Independence
Here's how independence would theoretically work.  See if you can figure it out!

A Little Rock & Roll Please..!
Care to take a look at my site? It's a history of Welsh Rock & Pop music from the 60's to date.
Siadwell's Welsh Rock & Pop Pages

The Church in Wales
Really a misnomer if Iīve ever heard one.  It should be more aptly named "The Anglican Church in Wales".  In fact if you ask about other Churches they seem to get a bit testy!  And it could be said that this site is really about the English Church trying to hang on a bit against the continuing inroads of Independence. Remember, it was the Anglican Church that made poor Rev. Henry Mathias be buried not in the Congregational Independent Church graveyard, but an Anglican one.

Welsh Manifesto '99
Here it is--the definitive paper on Wales and its struggle for independence.!

'Tribute to the Rhondda'

Photos of Wales

Clyne Farm Centre
in Swansea
Cilycwm is a small village 4 miles from Llandovery in Carmarthenshire
Welsh Children's Books!

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