SDWS Shield


Sunday, July 19, 2015

St. David's Welsh Society of Nebraska Shield

The Society's Shield was adopted in 1971 and contains a number of traditional symbols relating to Wales.

  • The CROSS used in the crown of the present Prince of Wales marking the religious significance of St. David's Day
  • The RED DRAGON is the emblem of Wales and one of the badges of the Prince of Wales. It originated during the Roman occupation of Britain and was used on the tunic of a seventh century Welsh prince Cadwaladr.
  • The THREE FEATHERS are shown in the style used at the investiture of the present Prince of Wales and represent part of his other badge. They are associated in legend with Edward, the second Prince of Wales who lived in the 14th century.
  • The DAFFODIL is the flower of Wales and was used in the fifteenth century as a sign of recognition by supporters of Henry VII whose coat of arms bore the colors green and white. The green leaves and white roots of the daffodil symbolized these colors. The leek was used for the same purpose and reason.  
    The Shield was designed by Clarement G. Pritchard, a Lincoln, Nebraska USA Artist
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