Harold van Borkum 1921-2004

Harold van Borkum at the keyboard
Never a career, Harold enjoyed music at an early age.

He was unconventional and brilliant.  Harold van Borkum not only held a keen interest in the world around him but all aspects of science--even if on the fringe of accepted theory. But his main interest was art. Not just pictures and paintings but especially Native American art styles. Early in his college attendance at the University of Wyoming,  Harold produced western or cowboy art.
     Harold worked for Walt Disney and a television station in Chicago early in his career.
     A member of the Marine Corps during WW2, Harold became one of the first to join the new Air Force just after the war.  His mission was to draw aircraft. 
     He took retirement eventually to pursue his art interests eventually ending up hear Mt. Ida, Arkansas where he enjoyed the isolation of five acres.
     Harold was born in Beatrice, NE.

Harold van Borkum and the boys.
Harold is on his horse on the left and Herb Kipf is one of the other boys. This was taken in front of the Kipf home seen in the background right. Harold lived just up the block at 1022 Scott St.

This is Betty, Harold's sister...This is Harold... Harold actually attended Sunday School at least once. He and his sister Betty are in this picture. Harold is right next to the door where the pencil mark points at his head.  Betty has the white hat with the pencil mark.

Harold feeding the family's baby pet goat at 1022 Scott Street in Beatrice. This was taken in the driveway near the garage.  In the background you can see the care that went into their pride & joy garden.

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