Here's just one of those pictures that ought to fit somewhere. And fit anywhere!  In a way it is sort of the result of the van Borkums. And if you were one of them that lived in Beatrice and knew them you'll recognize not only the people but other aspects of their life. The desk, tacky lamps, even the pull chain for the light fixture that must be up there somewhere.  Just look and you'll see Christmas eve 1953.

On the couch, Helen.  The way she spent most of her adult life. Frances and those floral dressed she always wore. Albert pointing a 'ray gun' right at the camera. His wife Maxine is right behind him in the black blouse. Next to her is Betty in the smock because she's pregnant again and about a week from delivery. Her son Dennis seems very excited about a plastic trombone.  Johnny, Maxine & Albert's youngest, always wore horizontally stripped T-shirts summer or winter.  He seems aloof here--and very often was! Dennis & Johnny were REAL good friends.  The little girl, Linda got what she most wanted for Christmas; a riding horse and teddy bear.  Look closely and you'll see Helen got one too!

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