Arnold van Borkum:
         a Military Career

Newspaper advertisement for War Bonds.
Gage County Attorney Arnold van Borkum.

Before serving in the Army during WW2, Arnold van Borkum served as Gage County Attorney. It was during that time that he met the love of his life, Melva Dixon.  He married her in 1944.

During WW2 it was common for families to purchase war bonds on behalf of the family member serving in the armed forces.  They would receive a post card and sometimes get their name in the local newspaper with picture.  Arnold's picture is of him holding a koala bear since he was stationed in Australia.

Arnold van Borkum in front of a really big gun.

This guy likes BIG guns!

Major Arnold van Borkum in Australia
A lighthearted moment in Australia during WW2. Major Arnold van Borkum demonstrates his ferocity.

Lt. Col. Arnold van Borkum becomes a full bird!
Promotions were a way of life with this guy. It took two just to pin on the honors!  It is now Col. Arnold van Borkum.

Arnold van Borkum, inspection at the fort.
"Okay, now what--another promotion?"
No, inspection time.

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