Melva van Borkum     9/28/11 - 6/29/04

Melva on her marriage day.

Melva and Arnold on their wedding day
October 19, 1944

Melva in the 90's!

Melva van Borkum was Melva Dixon before she was married to her husband Arnold van Borkum in 1944.  She was born in 1911 in Norfolk Nebraska.  After high school she studied what would be considered 'paralegal' training today at Norfolk Business College.  While working in Omaha she met an attractive Gage County Attorney and one thing led to another. 

After W.W.2 Melva joined her husband in Japan. She was a member of the General MacArthur staff who assisted in the drafting of a new Japanese Constitution. Often she would meet with General MacArthur on the elevator complete with pipe. He would hold the door for her while she entered. Melva attended social functions with MacArthur's wife and son.

Melva and her dog BOBO at their home in Corte Madera in the 1960s where she and her husband Arnold spent their retirement years.

Melva age 81 and Chisai. Melva adopted Chisai from the Humane Society. Chisai died in December 2002.

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