Albert William van Borkum

John van BorkumBetty van Borkum Francis (Witulski) van BorkumJohnny van BorkumAlbert van Borkum (Junior)Albert William van Borkum1022 Scott St.

Albert William van Borkum
was born
August 29,1906
and died
February 1, 1983.

Albert William van Borkum was the third of 6 children born to Frances and John van BorkumIt was Christmas 1943 when this photo was taken by Albert's wife Maxine

Albert is the guy with the hat and overalls and sans cigar. John, his father, has the business suit--and cigar.  Word was that John was just as dower as his appearance suggests!

Junior (Albert William Jr.) is in front of his Dad (Albert William) and the new baby, John Charles, is held by his Grandmother.  Betty is standing to Albert's right.  If you look carefully you can see the star hanging in the window indicating a member of the family in the military during WW2.

Albert owned the
van Borkum Fruits & Vegetables Company
started by his father in Beatrice Nebraska.  It carries the van Borkum name even now although no longer owned by the family.

John van Borkum & his grandmother Frances van Borkum It's faded but it is Johnny (John Charles van Borkum), the second son of Albert. He's sitting with his Grandmother, Frances in front of her home at 1022 Scott Street, Beatrice Nebraska

Junior van Borkum
Junior (Albert William Jr.) van Borkum, is the son of Albert William van Borkum.  Trapping was a favorite pastime of some of the van Borkums.

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