FRANCES PAULINE WITULSKI was born January 22, 1885 in Hoag, NE, and died November 1, 1963 in Beatrice, NE.  She married JOHN ARNOLD VAN BORKUM 1902, son of ALBERT VAN BORKUM and WEA MUNTINGA


1. ARNOLD JOHN VAN BORKUM, b. July 3, 1905, Beatrice, NE; d. July 10, 1978, San Francisco, CA Letterman Army Medical Center; m. MELVA LUCILLE DIXON, October 19, 1944, Lincoln, NE (Methodist Church).

2. ALBERT WILLIAM VAN BORKUM, b. August 29, 1906, Beatrice, NE; d. February 1, 1983, Ogallala, NE.

3. RAYMOND VAN BORKUM, b. September 12, 1909, Beatrice, NE; d. June 5, 1925, Near Beatrice, NE.

4 HELEN PAULINE VAN BORKUM, b. November 4, 1919, Beatrice, NE; d. September 19, 1957, Beatrice, NE.

5. HAROLD HARLAN VAN BORKUM, b. October 5, 1921, Beatrice, NE.

6 BETTY FRANCES VAN BORKUM, b. August 22, 1925, Beatrice, NE; d. August 2, 1997, Lincoln, NE.


Frances Witulski's father Christian Witulski.  He was born in 1842 in Prussia and died in Beatrice Nebraska in 1898.

Frances on the left with her neighborhood pals.  The woman in the center was Mrs. Sathoff.  The woman on the right is unknown. It was very common for them to meet in each other's gardens midmorning, after the wash had been hung on the line.  The topic of course was gossip!

An unguarded moment under the clothes line.  Some new bit of humor conveyed by Mrs. Sathoff seems to amuse Frances   The pole between them allowed clothes to be hung easily when the pole was down.  Then it was pushed up ten feet or so making sure it would catch the breeze and keep the wash off the ground..

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