Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Dennis Mathias

Contact Me at:

 545 North 26th Street
 Lincoln, Nebraska 68503
 Telephone: (402) 475-7035

 ...but preferably by e-mail

Formal Qualifications:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) - Electronics with Computer Specialization- Southeast Community College
  • Novell Network Training - Gateway Electronics, Lincoln Nebraska
  • Windows NT Administration - Microsoft
  • Federal Communications Commission License - General (First) Class Radiotelephone with Radar Endorsement
  • Ampex AVC Century Switcher Maintenance Factory Instruction
  • Chyron Infinit! Character Generator Maintenance Factory Instruction

Special Skills:

  • Precise and analytical approaches to technical challenges
  • Consistently high evaluations for verbal and written communications skills
  • In-depth comprehension of Windows NT, Windows95 and MSDOS operating systems
  • Familiar with Visual Basic, C, and Pascal computer languages, Internet operation and HTML web page design and organization as well as UNIX and OS/2 operating systems.
  • Proficient with MS Word, MS Excel, Alpha Database, SuperCAD, DesignCAD, PowerPoint, MS Publisher, Fusion, and familiar with about everything else.

Current Employment:

 Broadcast Engineer 1986-Present

Computer network and broadcast systems design, installation and maintenance. Provides specialized computer/broadcast maintenance support required by all on-air, operations and electronic maintenance areas in the engineering department. Develops specialized programming applications targeting advanced broadcast systems. Analyzes, isolates and replaces defective components in broadcast digital and analog electronic equipment. Installs broadcast equipment according to standard engineering requirements. Regularly maintains and repairs electronic equipment at the component level. Fully documents all aspects of electronic systems organization including CAD and database utilization.


  • Developed 20 database applications in a network environment with over 30,000 records.
  • Designed, authored program, installed and maintained satellite uplink and downlink remote control system.
  • Developed, wrote and implemented computer program to remote control RF spectrum instrumentation used in satellite services.
  • Designed circuit and constructed microwave signal routing system using printed circuit design and logic simulation software.
  • Installed CAD based documentation system for Engineering Maintenance.
  • Organized and implemented wire numbering and accounting project tracking over 10,000 cables and associated electronic broadcast equipment.
  • Installed AVID non-linear editing systems and provided appropriate documentation and support.

 Previous Employment:

  • 1981-1986 Fetzer Broadcasting Corporation -- Television Operations Engineer
  • 1976-1981 Nebraska ETV Network -- Satellite and Operations Engineer


  • Two Weeks