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Wednesday, May 24, 2000


All Photographs and text and sound copyright ©2000 Dennis Mathias

Reverend Henry Mathias

Rev. Henry Mathias in his 70'sHenry Mathias [b.1810] preached in the Wolfsdale and Crundale parishes in Wales for fifty years. Wolfsdale is a very small village located between Abergwaun (Fishguard) Rev. Henry Mathias in his 50's and Haverfordwest in an area called Pembrokeshire an area rich in history.  The church where Reverend Henry preached and Frederick George his son, grew up still stands serving a small congregation from the area. Interestingly Reverend Henry Mathias is buried in the Church of England Cemetery at Camrose, a nearby village to Wolfsdale. A marble plaque commemorating Reverend Henry's contributions to the parish for 50 years is displayed in both the Wolfsdale and Crundale chapels.

A portrait of Reverend Henry (above) hangs in the church to this day. The picture on the right was taken earlier, a number of years before the one above.  He is shown in the traditional Independent Church garb of the day, hand firmly on what appears to be a bible.

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