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Wednesday, May 24, 2000


All Photographs and text and sound copyright ©2000 Dennis Mathias

  Frederick George Mathias FREDERICK GEORGE3 MATHIAS (HENRY2, HENRY1) was born August 25, 1851 in Pencaer, Wales1, and died July 31, 1921 in Byers, CO. He married HELLEN JAMES September 30, 1872 in Nemaha County, NE, daughter of JOHN JAMES and MARY THOMAS.

It is unknown whether Fredrick became a citizen of the United States.  No documents to that effect have been found even though two Declarations of Intention were filed.

Edna Stevens Bice says FG Mathias came to the United States because " ..times were hard in Wales."   He acquired 40 acres easily by homesteading which was apparently difficult for the people in his community back home to believe since there the purchase of land traditionally was for the rich.   His brother followed to the United States for a period but returned to Wales.

This brother was supposed to get married but the girl quit him and he "almost went crazy". He wrote Fred G. about his being jilted and his brother consoled that there were "..other fish in the sea."  He responded that "..there are none left for me." He send the engagement ring intended for his wife to be to Marie Mathias, the daughter of Roy Mathias.

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